Operation: To infinity and beyond!

Unit is a vast project, full of ideas and well-designed. Our Team is willing, capable and reliable, we can say that we are a happy little family.

With the force of a sloth pushed to the limit, we are working uninterruptedly on the project, but it is time to put the turbo, we are looking for new recruits and one of them can be you!

Below are some requirements for participating in the Team, are few but necessary. Unfortunately, as of now, it is advisable to warn that not all users will be accepted.

General Requirements:
– know how to work in a group
– basic knowledge of the chosen role
– will and spirit of initiative
– patience

We are currently looking for users for the following roles:
Developers (javascript and GTK or C / C ++)
Designers (if possible with CSS and GTK knowledge)
Translators (any language)

Join the Team, fill out the form.

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