Is Unit project dead?

This is embarrassing, it is a long time since we wrote and probably the project was given for dead. But let me say: The Unit project is not dead, but stalled.
At the moment we are collecting ideas and planning the various stages of development that we should face.

Unit is a very complicated project that aims to satisfy the largest number of users imaginable.
Thanks to the emergence of multiple projects to replace Unity after his death, we unexpectedly received more time to devote to design.

Then no. We have not disappeared and we are working for you but first of all for us.

You will see other informative articles before the end of 2018.

– The Unit Team

Operation: To infinity and beyond!

Unit is a vast project, full of ideas and well-designed. Our Team is willing, capable and reliable, we can say that we are a happy little family.

With the force of a sloth pushed to the limit, we are working uninterruptedly on the project, but it is time to put the turbo, we are looking for new recruits and one of them can be you!

Below are some requirements for participating in the Team, are few but necessary. Unfortunately, as of now, it is advisable to warn that not all users will be accepted.

General Requirements:
– know how to work in a group
– basic knowledge of the chosen role
– will and spirit of initiative
– patience

We are currently looking for users for the following roles:
Developers (javascript and GTK or C / C ++)
Designers (if possible with CSS and GTK knowledge)
Translators (any language)

Join the Team, fill out the form.

Unit, the idea comes to life

Nearly a month has passed since the Unit project was born.
Since then we have worked uninterruptedly to achieve a complete idea of what we had in mind but above all, we’ve listened to you!

We are proud to show you the first official concept of the Desktop Unit.

Find out more, click here for a quick overview of the Unit project!
In the previous days we have published the following channels: Wiki, Forum, Planning, Github.

Are you a developer or do you have ideas to offer?
Join the Team, contact us.

Unit concept full size here.

Graphic philosophy and the way to the developments

After many discussions, hypotheses and sleepless nights, we chose to base the Unit Desktop on Gnome 3.24. This will not be a simple re-adaptation of gnome but a derived project that will be maintained regardless of GNOME updates.

Why not from scratch?

The concept is very easy to assimilate. The open-source world is vast and well-supported, there is no need to create something new from scratch.

Xorg/Wayland, what?

In a survey we asked you to vote if you prefer to see units on Xorg or Wayland.

And the winners is…Wayland!

We have listened to our community and valued all the positive and negative aspects of using Wayland as default.

Unfortunately, Xorg is close to abandoning but Wayland is really the right alternative at this time?
No. There are still many incompatibilities, problems and the lack of proprietary drivers is still a tough digest.
The result?
Unit Desktop is GNOME-based and as such will be distributed on both Xorg and Wayland.

What are the first steps with the GNOME fork?

Ours will be a full fork, will clone all the packages that make up the GNOME suite, all the libraries and applications will be renamed to avoid conflicts.
Two new elements will be developed:
– The Unit Dashboard that will replace conceptually with Unity 7
– Unit Notifications, a simple and compact notification center that will collect all system and personal notifications
Then we will have the design changes that will bring the style we conceived with our concept (soon available for evaluation and criticism) on Unit Desktop, and then create a GTK theme with all the necessary elements.

Designed for monkeys.

No, it’s not an joke.
The entire Unit project has a direct approach with the users that make up our community. Our graphic concept is not “simple and intuitive” is “simple for a monkey”.
Ours will be a very colorful project, the world is vast in color, so why not use them?

Let’s go to the dead deserted colors, we like live ones!

The “monkey” comparison is related to the simple primordial concepts of man, “monkey concepts”, a strong and warm color is seen as a warning, problem, attention while a light, cold color is seen as a routine thing Frequent use while non-contextual colors (purple, green, lime, …) are seen as details and easy to see.
Icons will also be designed to be easy to understand and impact.
Curved lines for general purpose icons will be used, interpreted as “simple”, while for important logos and actions we will use rigid lines, interpreted as “important” actions.

A common style that integrates applications with the system.

Developers will be able to develop Unit applications and distribute them through our store.
To do this, we have opted for a common design that will bring a sense of integration between applications and system, so we chose to create simple guidelines and guidelines for designing.
Soon all details.
The following will be released:
– color palette
– guidelines for creating icons and interfaces
– graphic examples
– color/shadows studies

For now, it’s all, I remember that for those who want to work with the project, they can take part in the official telegram channel (Italian / English).

– The Unit Team

What is Unit?

Unit is an emerging Linux distribution, developed following the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), our philosophy consists of 3 simple concepts: simple, customizable and friendly to the community.

This is a project under development, we are currently designing Unit Desktop, an open-source Desktop Environment, geared to the Unit project.

Why do we create a new desktop environment?
Unit was created for all those “abandoned” users by Canonical, after announcing the abandonment of Unity 7.
No. Unit is not Unity 7, what we are designing is an easy and customizable hybrid desktop that can fit your needs / preferences. All choices on the desktop are not related to Canonical, Unit remains an independent project.

What kind of distribution will it be?
Linux is Linux, we have no sympathy for a particular distribution, so we will decide together what kind of distribution to create.

What kind of distribution do you want it to be?

  • Debian 9 (38%, 25 Votes)
  • Ubuntu flavor (30%, 20 Votes)
  • Arch Linux (17%, 11 Votes)
  • Fedora spin (6%, 4 Votes)
  • Gentoo (5%, 3 Votes)
  • RHEL (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Open Suse (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Slackware (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Mageia spin (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 66

Loading ... Loading ...

Why not from scratch?
The Linux world is vast and fully supported, creating a distribution from scratch not only means more development time but also less support, which comes out of our philosophy.

Which versions will be distributed?
One version will be released annually, every two years there will be an LTS version.
Each release will be distributed in 2 versions:
– Desktop
– Server

What distinguishes our server version from the others?
We aim at a server version with remote desktop management, so much more information will be released during design.

– The Unit Team