This page is made available to the community to track the development of Unit versions.

System planning

Unit 17.10 10 October 2017

Desktop / Applications planning

Application Objective Status Note
Unit Shell v.3.24 The Gnome fork is complete, all the terms have been replaced to avoid conflicts. In progress We are assessing which components we must clone.
Unit Dashboard v.0.1 The application menu is available. In progress Extension layout was created. We’re working on application list functions.
Unit Notifications v.0.1 Notifications are archived and divided into “system” and “personal”. In progress
Unit Theme v.0.1 All interface elements are available. In progress

Website planning

Application Objective Status Note
Feedback zone The feedback zone allows the community to interact with developers, reporting bugs, suggesting ideas, and asking for information. In progress
Forum The forum is the meeting point between users and developers. Ready
Idea Here we publish concepts and all ideas approved by Team Unit. In progress